1 year ago

25 July, 2016


Organised by:
Australian Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society (ACCAS) (ChopSticks)

Hi Chopstickers!

Was winter break too short? Missed out on semester 1 events? Still looking for that exciting spark that semester 1 didn't bring? Then you are in luck, cause your favourite Chinese culture society (Chopsticks) returns for ROUND 2 to bring you the best of Chinese cultural events!

Excited about everything Chinese? Why not join Chopsticks in Semester 2 for crazy fun events like hotpot, games night, sports day and of course, lots of mahjong. We will be kicking off with BBQs in week 1 (free for members!) But first, you must find our stall during O-week and register as a member! While you're at it, why not grab a super cute panda t-shirt too?

Monday, 25th July 9am - 4pm

Stall location: Stall 99 (Along Eastern Ave)

Membership: $2 (With ACCESS)
T- Shirt (Member):$5
T- Shirt (Non- member): $12.50