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24 August, 2016

Holme Reading Room, University of Sydney

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Australian Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society (ACCAS) (ChopSticks)

Chopsticks GM - Semester 2 2016 !!

Hope everyone is coping well with the start of another new semester.

Are you an enthusiastic individual who loves to contribute? Are you a team player? Do you want to be part of something truly special? If this sounds like you, our General Meeting happening at the end of this month is your perfect chance. This presents a new opportunity for those who want to join our AWESOME executive team and really become a core part of the Chopsticks family!

1) Do you believe in the three Fs of Chopsticks - 樂, 友, 家 (fun, family and friends)? What do these mean to you?

2) Are you a team-oriented individual, happy to commit a few hours every week in organising all kinds of interesting events?

3) Do you have a knack for marketing, event organisation, finance or administrative duties, or simply just love to help out and make Chopsticks a fun place to be?

4) Are you a friendly individual, eager to meet with all kinds of new and interesting people and making them feel welcome in Chopsticks?

5) Are you prepared to give a 1-minute speech at the AGM detailing why you are suitable to be an executive?

6) Are you are an Access member for USU in 2016?

If you have answered YES to all of the questions above, then Chopsticks wants you! Our current available positions are listed as follows.


1. Vice President (Events)
2. Vice President (Marketing)

**note that only members who have been on the executive team for at least one semester are eligible to apply for positions 1-2**

3. Administrator Executive
4. Marketing Team Leader
5. Marketing Executives (2 positions)
6. General Executives (1 position)

--------------- Role Descriptions ---------------
3. Administration Executive is the Secretary's assistant and will share joint administrative responsibilities with the Secretary.
4. Marketing Team Leader is the Marketing Vice-President's assistant and will jointly lead the Marketing Team.
5. Marketing Executives ensure Chopsticks is substantially marketed throughout the year via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, newsletters, website, photography, poster design, YouTube etc.
6. General Executives are the lifeblood of the executive team, they fill in the gaps for everyone else, provide the support base needed to ensure the society operates smoothly!


If you are interesting in running for a position, there are steps you must follow. Continuing executives from Semester 1 2016 will also need to complete the step.

1. Please email us at chopsticks.executives@gmail.com with your own answers to all six questions listed above, the positions you are interested in and with reasons why Chopsticks should choose you (100 words). Please also include your name as shown on your ACCESS card and also your ACCESS number.



Date: Wednesday, 24th August 2016
Time: 3-5pm
Location: Holme Reading Room
Cost: FREE for members, $2 for ACCESS, $8 for non-ACCESS

Free snacks and drinks provided!

Please note that only Access card holders are allowed to vote and nominate themselves as candidates.


1. Opening and welcome
2. Apologies and leaves of absence
3. Minutes of the previous meeting
4. Business arising from the minutes
5. Correspondence
6. Motions on notice

7. Annual reports
7.1 President's report
7.2 Treasurer's report

8. Election of the executives
8.1 Vice President (Events)
8.2 Vice President (Marketing)
8.3 Administrator Executive
8.4 Marketing Team Leader
8.5 Marketing Executives (3 positions)
8.6 General Executives (1 position)

9. General business
10. Other business
11. Date of the next meeting
12. Close of meeting

Being an executive for Chopsticks is more than just taking on a role. It's about working with a team of like-minded people, many of whom you will learn to love and appreciate as your best friends!

We look forward to seeing you!