1 year ago

15 September, 2016

International Student Lounge, Wentworth Building, Level 4

Organised by:
Australian Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society (ACCAS) (ChopSticks)

Was studying for mid- sems excruciating? Always eating HSP? Searching for that next big event? Please don't stress. Chill... Chopsticks have got you all covered with the Chopsticks Moon Festival!!

Had enough of pizza? Were the past Chopsticks events not Chinese enough? Ever heard of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival? If this sounds like you, we would like to welcome you to our Chopsticks Moon Festival, the celebration of moon festival through none other than your authentic Chopsticks way. On the night we will enjoy the festivities through eating moon cakes, lantern games, calligraphy, and fortune riddles.

To understand more about why the Mid- Autumn Festival is so widely celebrated, please check out the following video:


Please tag along all your friends to enjoy a wonderful night together with Chopsticks!

FREE Moon Cakes, snacks, and refreshments

Thursday, 15th September 5- 7pm (Week 8)

International Student Lounge, Wentworth Building, Level 4
Members: FREE
ACCESS Non- Member: $2
Non- ACCESS: $12