3 years ago

29 August, 2015

The Quadrangle, The University of Sydney

Organised by:
Sydney University Disney Appreciation Society

Have you ever thought about what defined your childhood? The one and only thing you can probably think about is Disney. The Sydney University Disney Appreciation Society brings happiness and a world of magic right to the student body at the University of Sydney! Come visit us at our stall on Open Day on The Quadrangle Lawns – we'll be here all day and we'd love for you to pop by for a chat!

As one of the first gatherings of Disney loving uni students in Australia, we're very proud to be Australia's biggest university Disney Club! Our motto is Hakuna Matata – it means "no worries"! It’s our problem free philosophy and it ain’t no passing craze.

Join us and enjoy all the wonderful events we have on offer, ranging from movie marathons to trivia afternoons, BBQ's, ice cream parties, cinema trips and the annual Disney Ball, even charity work and so much more. Friends, fun, food and bonding over Disney - temping isn't it?

Come and say hello to our lovely executives who are always ready to show you into a Whole New World! Hakuna matata Disney lovers... you can sign up at any of our events! You can stay updated with us by "Liking" our Page and joining our Facebook Group! We eagerly hope to see you as a member of our fine society in 2016! Be Our Guest, join our Circle of Life and experience a Whole New World with the magic of Disney at the University of Sydney!