1 year ago

25 November, 2016

The Argyle Bar - The Rocks

Organised by:
Banter and Meme Society (BAMSOC)

TIX AVAILABLE NOW! http://beachbonanzaparty.qnect.co

2016 hit us all like a tonne of bricks, and it's time to use those bricks to build a wall, and make uni parties great again. Usyd lost it's Jacaranda, America has lot the plot, but your friend from UTS is still yet to lose his virginity; so let's make it all better with the most lit party since the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, roasting all of your mates for everything they've done in 2016.

In a Party more red hot than the finale of the Bachelor, we are set to host a night of emails you'll just have to delete, and snapchats Taylor Swift will say she never agreed to. Incollaboration with 8 societies from both USYD and UNSW, so it'll be the best night out to meet new people and just grab em by the wet pussy shot they're about to do!

So come dressed as your favourite emoji, and pray that this time when your crush sees it you're not going to get friendzoned again. It's gonna be the longest yeah boiiiiiii ever.

We're going to bring you $10 Cocktail specials and pizza platters all night. It's value so good if you leave it at home with Kim Kardashian someone's going to tie her up and steal it.
Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. You'll be looking pretty dumb if you don't come to this party, and instead just stay at home... on your forehead.


Early Bird Ticket: $20
General :$25


Proudly supported by Qnect.

Age 18+ patrons only. All society partners involved practice the responsible service of alcohol. 1:30AM lock out laws apply. Venue management reserves the right to refuse entry.

Refunds may be requested via hello@qnect.co for those that bought Thursday tickets and cannot attend Friday. Offer valid til 9am Thursday November 24.