1 year ago

2 August, 2016

Carslaw Lecture Theatre 175

Organised by:
USYD Geoscience Society

Geosciences Seminar Series: Welcome to the Anthropocene


Humans are changing the Earth at the scale of the planet. Welcome to the Anthropocene! Since the evolution of modern Homo Sapiens, people have been at the mercy of planetary processes. However, we stand at the point, unique in geological history, where a single species has begun to change the Earth at the scale of the planet and shape its physical and biological processes. The arrival of the so-called ‘Anthropocene’ (if we accept such a construct) presents a myriad of philosophical, economic, practical, scientific, moral and political issues amongst others, for contemporary societies to consider and debate.

In this Special Lecture Series, a range of experts drawn from numerous disciplines present and debate the meaning and consequences of the arrival of The Anthropocene.

View the full schedule: http://sydney.edu.au/science/geosciences/news_events/bigdata.shtml