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4 October, 2016

Carslaw Lecture Theatre 175

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USYD Geoscience Society

Please join us at the Geosciences Seminar Series: Welcome to the Anthropocene

Title: Coasts in the Anthropocene
When: October 4, 2016 @ Carslaw Lecture Theatre 175, 2-3pm

A/Prof Ana Vila Concejo
School of Geosciences


My career started in Spain, where I did my undergraduate and MSc studying urban beaches at the University of Vigo; and Portugal, where I completed my PhD at the University of Algarve investigating the short and medium term evolution of tidal inlets in a barrier island system. Then I moved to Australia and started looking into the morphodynamics of flood-tide deltas in wave-dominated coasts within the framework of an ARC funded linkage project which was based in Port Stephens. In 2010 I started researching the morphodynamics of sand aprons in reef platforms. In 2011 I was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to continue the studies in the dynamics of coral sands. I am the Deputy Director of One Tree Island Research Station; between 2012 and 2015 I was the Director.

Title: Coasts in the Anthropocene
When: October 4, 2016 @ Carslaw Lecture Theatre 175, 2-3pm

Humans have altered the coast. But, how much and what can we do about it? This lecture shows some of the challenges that human influence present to the coast focusing on temperate sandy open coasts and estuaries, and, coral reefs. Human effects include direct coastal alteration and also indirect changes affecting sediment fluxes. Pollution and contamination do not only affect the coasts but coastal environments are seriously affected. Human induced climate change and its associated effects including global warming, sea level rise and ocean acidification, are changing the coasts. This lecture shows some of the enormous changes to the Earth’s coastal systems.

Please encourage others to attend, everyone is very welcome.