1 year ago

18 October, 2016

Carslaw Lecture Theatre 175

Organised by:
USYD Geoscience Society

Glenn Albrecht is now a self-defined ‘farmosopher’ who lives on 5 acres at Duns Creek in NSW. He retired as Professor of Sustainability at Murdoch University, Perth, WA in mid-2014. He is an environmental philosopher and transdisciplinary thinker who has created the academic domain of psychoterratic (psyche-earth) emotions and feelings. A major contribution to this emergent domain is the concept of solastalgia. Solastalgia is the lived and emplaced experience of negative environmental change. It is the “homesickness you have when you are still at home”. A decade since its creation, solastalgia has now received widespread acceptance as a defining emotion of the twenty-first century under the negative impacts of climate change and other global development pressures. Glenn is still research active and is a member of a UWA-based team for a 2017 ARC Discovery Grant application DP170104682: Climate Change and Custodians of Place in Western Australia.

Title: The Anthropocene, Solastalgia and the urgent need to enter The Symbiocene
When: October 18, 2016 @ Carslaw Lecture Theatre 175, 2-3pm

The Anthropocene epoch is based on the dominance of human affairs over all natural processes at a planetary scale. It is characterised by anthropogenic global warming, climate chaos, the 6th Great Extinction, ocean acidification, plastic contamination of fish and countless other biocidal catastrophes worldwide. Those sensitive to the scope and scale of these insults to life feel waves of distress in the age of solastalgia. We need to get out of this period in Earth history as soon as possible. I suggest that we enter a new era I call ‘The Symbiocene’.
The Symbiocene will be characterised by human intelligence that replicates in all aspects of social life, the symbiotic and mutually reinforcing life-reproducing forms and processes found in all living systems. Given that we have evolved as a natural species within the pre-existing evolutionary and ecological matrix, such intelligence lies within us as latent potential. I shall discuss the manifestations of Symbiocene thinking in key aspects of human enterprise and offer tentative thoughts on how intellectual and cultural life will be enriched by our entering The Symbiocene

Please encourage others to attend, everyone is very welcome.