1 year ago

17 December, 2016


Organised by:
Sydney University Association of Malaysian Students (SUAMS)

As the SUAMS team would like to start off the upcoming year with a new t-shirt design, we would love to have everyone who supported us along the journey to join us in creating this new beginning.

So here it is, a T-shirt Design Challenge open to everyone! It doesn't matter if you don't have fancy artsy skills, we look forward to receive all of your creative masterpieces. Feel free to send in your submissions to usydsuams@gmail.com by 17th December 2016.

Competition Rules and Regulations:
1) The competition is open to public, including non-members.
2) Entries may be made by individuals as well as by teams.
3) The deadline is on 17th December 2016. Any entries beyond this date will not be accepted.
4) The winner of the competition will be decided upon the most number of likes received on the official SUAMS Facebook page.

Guidlines for t-shirt design:
1) Two designs are to be submitted: one for committee members and one for normal members. The designs should differ only by its base colour.
2) A template will be provided for entries.
3) The society logo and slogan must not be changed.
4) It is compulsory to place the society and University of Sydney Unioin logo on the t-shirt.
5) It is optional to include the slogan in the design.
6) Only a maximum of 4 colors (excluding the base color of the shirt) are allowed in the design.

The winner of our challenge receives a 100 dollar Coles group and Myers Gift Card!

Slogan: Sharing the Malaysian Love OR/ AND Friendship. Unity. Love.

T-shirt Template: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7xszrbqm7jmy6jj/AABRmHHL3GTbq3M9hQkdXkFpa?dl=0

Logos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fzjd4ka16yy6k0t/AADBxwB8rq1bDxJGFZ7WGX4Za?dl=0

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