1 year ago

15 September, 2016

Old Teacher's College 323, The University of Sydney.

Organised by:
Sydney University Ahlulbayt Society

The Neglected Faculty - Husn al Khulq (Good naturedness)
Narrated from Prophet Muhammad (SAWS):

مَّا يُّوضَعُ فِّي مِّيزَانِ اَّمْرِئٍ يَّوْمَ اَّلْقِيَامَةِ أَّفْضَلُ مِّنْ حُّسْنِ اَّلْخُلُقِ
“There will be nothing superior to good naturedness in the balance of a person’s works on the Day of Resurrection”.

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and his holy progeny (as) were the epitome of perfect Akhlaq (character) and exemplars for all humankind. Good naturedness is universally recognized as one of the most admirable human qualities, regardless of religious affiliation, culture or origin. Despite our innate affinity towards good character, our ever-advancing society appears to pay increasingly less attention to this important faculty.

In this discussion/talk we will cover the importance of Khulq/Akhlaq and reflect on various examples of the noble Akhlaq of the Prophet (SAWS) and Ahlulbayt (as). We will also discuss predominant ethical theories that define good actions from an Islamic and non-Islamic perspective.