1 year ago

14 September, 2016

University of Sydney

Organised by:
Sydney Uni Muslim Students' Association (SUMSA)

++++ 100% Halal BBQ! ++++
++++ Take a stand against Islamophobia, grab some delicious food and support an important charity. ++++

It's impossible to ignore the rising level of anti-Muslim racism in Australia these days, from Pauline Hanson and her call for a "Royal Commission into Islam", to the trashing of the Muslim prayer room here at Sydney Uni.

The racists like to think they have the support of the "silent majority". Hanson, for example, made the absurd assertion following the election that 98% of the Australian population are against Halal certification.

So in response, we're calling everyone who hates racism and loves delicious Halal food to come together in defiance of the bigots! Stand in solidarity with Muslims, and remind the raging Islamophobes what they're missing out on.

Hosted by Students for Palestine, Sydney University Muslim Students Association (SUMSA), Socialist Alternative, and the Social Justice department of the Sydney University SRC.