1 year ago

6 September, 2016

Old Geology Lecture Theatre

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Film Society

Dir. John Hillcoat - 2005 - Australia

Written by Nick Cave, THE PROPOSITION is a dark and brutal gothic western, set in the Australian outback of the 1880s. Frustrated lawman Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) manages to capture two members of the notorious Burns brothers gang. To the middle brother Charlie (Guy Pearce) he makes the following proposition: find and kill your older brother Arthur, or on Christmas day your younger brother will hang. The film launched the career of director John Hillcoat, and features a haunting score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Harsh and uncompromising, we guarantee you have never seen a western quite like this before.

Find us on Tuesday in Old Geology Lecture Theatre. We'll have pizza from 5pm and the screening will start at about 5:15pm. We'll be heading to the Forest Lodge Hotel afterwards for post-film drinks and discussion.

This event is free for members, $5 for Access cardholders. Annual membership is $5 for Access cardholders.