1 year ago

23 August, 2016

Old Geology Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Film Society

FilmSoc is teaming up with the German Kulture Klub to bring you one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time. Fritz Lang's Weimar masterpiece M is the story of a massive German manhunt for a serial killer who prays on children. It's a landmark thriller, groundbreaking in both storytelling and visuals, and a vital precursor to the serial killer and police procedural thrillers of the last hundred years.


We'll have extra snacks and drinks this week, courtesy of the GKK, with pizza and soft drink to boot.

Find us on Tuesday in Old Geology Lecture Theatre. We'll have food from 5pm and the screening will start at about 5:15pm. We'll be heading to the Forest Lodge Hotel afterwards for post-film drinks and discussion.

This event is free for members, $5 for Access cardholders. Annual membership is $5 for Access cardholders.