1 year ago

9 August, 2016

Old Geology Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Film Society

Dir. Thomas Vinterberg - 2012 - Denmark

One of Danish auteur Thomas Vinterberg’s most prestigious releases is THE HUNT (or JAGTEN), the compelling story of a man wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a child. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film a few years back and Mads Mikkelsen (of Hannibal and Casino Royale fame in the US) took home a Cannes best actor award for his phenomenal performance as Lucas. It's a heart-breaking, nuanced film, and certainly not one you want to miss.


Find us on Tuesday in Old Geology Lecture Theatre. We'll have pizza from 5pm and the screening will start at about 5:15pm. We'll be heading to the Forest Lodge Hotel afterwards for post-film drinks and discussion.

This event is free for members, $5 for Access cardholders. Annual membership is $5 for Access cardholders.