3 years ago

13 August, 2015

El Topo Basement Bondi Junction

Organised by:

Comrades. Enough is enough. Let's go to war.


When: 13th of August
Where: El Topo Basement Bondi Junction
Tickets: $15 for access $20 for non access



Ladies and gentlemen of business schools and other faculties around NSW (yes, tonight we'll let it slide and accept you as one of us). As the dark cloud, better known as Semester 2 looms and begins to cast its shadow, we at SUBS feel that something must be done.

So, in heroic business student fashion, we have decided to take ownership of this
abhorrent responsibility. Let us take action and rise above this ominous fog that is Semester 2. Let us get ridiculously turned up. Let us rebel against the system and prove that we can and will party like the future CEOs.

What is expected:

- LOTS of camo and other military themed outfits. Dress up people. Now is not the time to be afraid. Embrace the camo.

- 'Sun's out, gun's out' is a policy that we're going to have to enforce--sorry. It may be winter, and it will be night time, but all you bronzed beauties that have just arrived back from Europe and successfully teased us Sydneysiders with your 24-7 Insta updates, it's time to take one for the team. We don't care if it's 10C. Guns out people, guns out.

- Shots shall be fired all night long. Just as Lionel Richie always intended.


SUBS supports the responsible drinking of alcohol.