2 years ago

24 May, 2016

International Student Lounge

Organised by:
Sydney University Disney Appreciation Society

Are you a Disney nerd?
Do you know everything Disney?

In Week 12, we will be hosting one of our infamous trivia nights! Be Our Guest and join us from 5 PM for an awesome night of fun, and our famously fiendish trivia questions!

Excited and wanting a little teaser for the trivia? Try these questions on for size:

[*] In Mary Poppins, what does the tape measure say after Michael Banks was measured?
[*] Which Disney full feature film ends with a song from Carrie Underwood?
[*] In The Incredibles, what is Syndrome’s real name?

Be sure to come along for more questions like these and many more with lots of fun times to be had! Get studying and we look forward to seeing you all there!


NOTE: We apologise for not having more regular events this semester. Due to the busy timetables and schedules of our executive team, this was simply not possible. Nevertheless, we are here to finish the semester with a bang!