2 years ago

27 May, 2016


Organised by:
Amnesty International Society

Join Amnesty International for an evening of art, a film screening, and coming together as a community to celebrate our youth.

This year over the first two nights of Vivid, Amnesty International will create a space where emerging artists can exhibit their work. The theme, 'Wandering Through Place and Time' will encourage artists to explore moments in time that have helped shape who they are as an individual and within a community.

We will provide a glimpse into the strengths of our youth and how essential it is to create a framework that protects and nourishes this for present and future generations.

It is linked to our, 'Community is Everything' campaign which encourages a greater focus on directing our youth into community-led initiatives.

All in all it will be a lovely evening of culture, celebration and a step in the right direction.