2 years ago

3 May, 2016

Teachers College 306, University of Sydney.

Organised by:
Sydney University Ahlulbayt Society

Al-Jazeera has not framed the protests in Bahrain, Qatar’s ally, as a pro-democracy uprising. It has presented it as a “sectarian conflict” between Shias and Sunnis instead and covered up the human rights violations committed by the deployed GCC troops in 2011, while framing Tunisia’s, Egypt’s, Libya’s and Syria’s uprisings as legitimate “revolutions” against dictatorships and authoritarian regimes. Legitimising a protest movement by framing it as a revolution in an “enemy state [Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen]” while delegitimising another by presenting it as a sectarian protest.

Join us this World Press Freedom day (03/05/16) as we explore media double standards and propaganda-oriented coverage, a thrilling presentation led by Zainab Abdul-Nabi, a PhD candidate and an academic tutor from the faculty of Peace and Conflict, University of Sydney.