2 years ago

14 October, 2015

The University Of Sydney No 1 Oval

Organised by:
Sydney University Business Society (SUBS)

Next Wednesday.
14th October.
2:30pm - 4:00 pm.
Meet at University Oval No.1 (near the grandstand) then Manning Bar after for drinks.
The final interfac of the year.
Follow SUBS on snapchat @subsoc for updates.

*Free for all access card holders.
Non-access cost = $6

1. All interested participants are required to register on the day of competition at the time and place as mentioned above.
a. Participants must register on the roll appropriate to their faculty, where they will be assigned a number.
2. Each faculty may enter as many participants as desired however; entrants must fulfil the following requirements to gain place or participation points:
a. finish the race
b. finish the race on or before 35 mins
c. participants will receive a blue (male) or red (female) ticket upon completion, and this will have to be returned to the registration desk.
3. All participants must follow the route set out by the map and the markers provided.
4. Each competing Faculty team must provide at least 2 marshals to help run the event. These marshals are required to contact the Interfaculty Sport Intern or the University Programs Manager (interfac@sport.usyd.edu.au) ASAP!
5. Points will be awarded to both female and male participants for placing’s and participation as follows:
1st = 10pts
2nd = 7pts
3rd = 5pts
4th = 3pts
Participation = 1pt Faculty Volunteer = 2pt
In the event that one faculty receives more than one placing, they only receive the points for the highest place getter.
E.g. If a faculty comes first and third they will only receive 10 points and the third place getter will receive 1 participation point.

SUBS supports the responsible consumption of alcohol.
Provided by the University of Sydney Union (USU).