2 years ago

29 October, 2015

Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Organised by:
Sydney University Business Society (SUBS)

Worried about finals? Struggling to catch up on 13 weeks of Finance lectures? Still in Fisher trying to work out where that trial balance you’re meant to adjust is?

Well do not fear for SUBS is here! For one day, we will be whipping* you into prime study mastering and exam-blasting form with our ultimate summer study treat…ICE CREAM!

No joke, SUBS is bringing the king of soft-serve, Mr Whippy himself to you! From 12pm on Eastern Avenue, there will be every child’s and sleep-deprived, sugar craving uni student’s dream… An ICE-CREAM TRUCK!

There, for the bargain price of $1 you can dine on all your childhood favourites with friends in the lovely sun, (or drown your sorrows in ice-cream when you realise you have more than a day’s hours of lectures to watch).

So next Thursday 29th make sure you come down to Eastern Ave and get your ice-creamy goodness!

Date: 12pm Thursday 29th October

Where: Eastern Avenue

-NON-ACCESS: $3.50

What's on offer:
Classic Mr Whippy soft serve with the following toppings:
- Choc Dip
- Crushed Nuts
- Hundreds and Thousands
- Sherbet

NB: Anyone caught whipping their hair back n forth will be asked to leave

*This event is totally 100% endorsed by Silento