2 years ago

24 February, 2016

University of Sydney

Organised by:
Sydney University Business Society (SUBS)

The day has finally come. The only people more excited than you is us.

The Sydney University Business Society (SUBS) welcomes you to your first taste (or not so first taste) of university and all the fun and life lessons that we have planned for 2016!!

We will have HEAPS of free goodie boxes to give away and get you prepped for uni, our famous annual Careers Guide and First Years Guide, as well as awesome SUBS Directors and Subcommittee members at the ready to answer your questions or just to have a casual chat with.

First Year Business Camp Tickets will be available for online purchase at our stall as well *warning - this is known to sell out super fast so keep an eye out for the FB launch date*

We also will have SUBS Shirts and Sydney Business Hoodies and sweatshirts available for sale!!

Make sure you find the SUBS tent; we'll be there everyday. We're the Offical Faculty Society and the largest Business Society at USYD so you definitely don't want to miss out on us!

Stay updated with our events and news in the meantime:
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/USYDBusiness/?fref=ts
Insta: @usydbusiness (https://www.instagram.com/usydbusiness/)
Snapchat: @subsoc