2 years ago

28 April, 2016

Cadigal Lawns

Organised by:
Veterinary Society (VetSoc)

It's the yearly march of the USYD students across the pubs and bars bettwen the main campus and the city. This event has been steadily growing in size over the years, and we want it to stay that way. So please come along and join this epic clusterfuck.

Come down to PNR lawns on thursday afternoon, the engineers will provide you all with some cheap food, drinks and entertainment before we kick on to the Royal.

Hosted by SUEUA in Association with SUBS, SASS, SciSoc, VetSoc, AgSoc, SUPA, EdSoc, SUDA with addtional support from EcoSoc, MecoSoc, Brewsical.

Dress in your faculty themes!
Engineering & IT : Mexican
Business : Out of this World!
Dentistry: Luau
Vet: Overalls
Arts: 90s
Science: Ugly Sweaters
Education: Heaven and Hell
Architecture: Denim