2 years ago

26 May, 2016

King Street Wharf

Organised by:
Business School Society


So daddy has let you down…and this year he didn’t get you that all-expenses-paid ticket to Croatia Yacht Week you’ve been begging for since your European gap year. You’re on edge and most importantly, don’t have any gram worthy events coming up! #CHAOTIC

BUT don’t speed dial your therapist just yet! Because Daddy is out of town, and left the keys to his yacht in the glove box of the Porsche Macan parked downstairs…

So really, the only struggle you’re faced with is deciding which mode of transport to take to the wharf! I mean like Uber Lux is never available at peak hour and we just can’t get dust onto your Audi A3 now can we?

So swap your almond mylk chai latte (& half a sugar) for an Midori Spritz for the night, and your Lulu Lemon Activewear for Ralph Lauren cashmere and show Daddy what happens when his golden child is ignored…because SUBS’ beloved HMAS Inheritance is setting sail!

Sydney University Business Society is proud to present: ‘Daddy’s Yacht Party; a Celebration of Parental Dependency’.

Oh, and we suggest you best avoid the pizzas we’re serving on entry because your Skinnytea detox would go to waste. But then again, we know you’re used to open bars so open bar at SUBS cruise it is!!! Ladies, make sure your liner is waterproof and highlighter on fleekkkk. Gents, think Jay Gatsby class and effortless smoulders. It’s certainly going to be a night to remember... or not ;)

❂ ❂ PRICE: $45 Access, $50 Non-Access (but does it really matter… you’re swiping daddy’s platinum credit card anyway)

❂ ❂ WHERE: King Street Wharf, meet in front of Cargo Bar at 6:30pm. The boat will leave at 7pm SHARP so don’t be late darlings <3

❂ ❂ DATE : Thursday, 26 May 2016.

❂ ❂ TICKETS: http://daddysyachtparty.getqpay.com (SOLD OUT)

❂ ❂ TICKET TRANSFERS: All ticket transfers can be conducted using the QPAY app for iPhone and Android. Follow the instructions when you select your ticket, and enter the details of the buyer as prompted. The payment will be processed using the app; please do not exchange payment in cash.
Alternatively, you may send the full names and mobile numbers of the buyer and seller parties to the SUBS Facebook page, after parties have exchanged payment.

❂ ❂ KICKONS: Cargo Bar. To the AM ;)

❂ ❂ PHOTO COMPETITION: Daddy's friends over at Midori have decided to partner up with us exclusively for our Yacht Party! On top of the Midori Spritz we'll be serving, you could win a FREE retro bike! Upload your Daddy’s Yacht party photo's to instagram with the hashtags #subsoc, #moshimoshi and #midori for your chance to WIN a retro Midori bike - best photo of the night wins!!!


18+ ONLY EVENT. SUBS practices RSA.