3 years ago

13 September, 2015

The Bryan Brown Theatre

Organised by:
SUMSA (Sydney Uni Muslim Students' Association)

After a jam-packed week of calling people back towards the oneness of Allah, it’s time to refocus. It’s time to re-energise. It’s time to refuel. And it’s time, to reflect - on the long path that lies ahead.

It is time, to bid farewell to this special week in SUMSA’s history, with a very special event.

As we as we continue on our journey towards Allah, living as Muslims in the Western societies, the intricate battles of the hearts and minds have touched us all, in multiple ways and in various forms. – from the daily, intricate inner struggles of the heart to the the restless demands from the nafs to be fed.

The intellectual struggles faced by a barrage of external societal pressures foreign to our rich tradition adds another layer of unique challenges. The path of dawah itself is extremely challenging – How we as a collective, deal with these challenges will define our legacy/imprint in the 21st century. Will the Ummah respond to the call of the Muaddhin?

Join us in Bankstown as SUMSA bids farewell to IAW 2015 with a special seating. Watch as our guest speaker from the UK, Abdullah al Andalusi tackles the crux of the intellectual dimensions of the struggle that lies ahead while Shaykh El Setohy, in his ever-so thoughtful and inspiring manner, gives us his deep and intricate insights into the spiritual dimensions.


Date: Sunday 13th September
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: Bryan Brown Theatre, Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre.
Speakers: Abdullah Al-Andalusi & Shaykh Hassan El Setohy
Tickets: $10

-Refreshments will be provided

Check out the following event page for the details of our IAW: