2 years ago

9 December, 2015

Canterbury Ice Rink, 17A Phillips Avenue, Canterbury

Organised by:
SUMSA (Sydney Uni Muslim Students' Association)

SUMSA and chill?

Chuck that netflix outta the window and get off the couch/bed you lazy potato!

The sisters at SUMSA invite you to spend some quality time with us at no place other than - the ice rink! Whether you’re a pro-skater or you've never set foot on the ice before (don't worry - it’ll be the first time for many of us :3 ), we guarantee you’ll be as cool as a cucumber! After the skating session we’ll be tucking into some tasty Thai food nearby for lunch!

Surely there's no better way to wind down after exams than chilling (heh, get it?) with some of your favourite girlies. After all, we're all about that sisterhood! If you can’t make it for both the skating and the lunch, don't fret! You can come for only one of them also. This event is not exclusive to just SUMSA/MSA/Uni sisters - bring anyone and everyone along!

**Ice Skating**

Time: 10AM for a 10:15am-12:15pm session.
Location: Canterbury Ice Rink @17A Phillips Avenue, Canterbury
Tickets: $22 to be paid at the door
What to bring: Heaps of energy/enthusiasm ;)
Thick socks - possibly double socks
Slightly warmer clothes


Time: 12:25pm
Location: Tan Thai, 148 Beamish St, Campsie

Here's a simple rego form for you to fill out by Tuesday evening. JazakAllahu khair! :3

Hope to see you all there, in sha Allah!