2 years ago

30 March, 2016

Old Teachers College, 318

Organised by:
SUMSA (Sydney Uni Muslim Students' Association)

Jumu'ah is the best day of the week. Yet we all can recall experiences of really unsatisfactory Friday prayers. Some of us may have been confused regarding the content of the sermon, doubting the Fiqhi validity of it, or simply too bored and sleepy to care. For those who do care issues of lacking knowledge and/or the confidence to give a khutbah may be preventing us from stepping up to the plate. This is where this workshop comes in.

With the tawfiq of Allah, we intend to provide a step by step guide in developing stronger khatibs (and public speakers more generally) for the Muslim community. While not exclusive to university students, it is hoped that nurturing younger speakers will allow for more relevant issues to be discussed from a more relatable perspective.

While we accept one workshop isn't going to produce Hobloses, we hope to start this journey with a particular focus on 3 crucial steps:

1) Session 1: Fiqh (9-10am). Knowledge must precede sayings and actions. Hence we will seek to cover which acts are necessary for the validity of Jumu'ah and which acts are recommended in maximising the rewards.
- Break (10-10:10am)

2) Session 2: Public Speaking Skills (10:10am-11:10am). This session will an analysis of styles of speaking, tips on engaging the audience and steps on preparing for a khutbah.
- Break (11:10-11:20am)

3) Session 3: Practice! (11:20-1pm). Sayings and actions must succeed knowledge. Hence a lot of time will be given for each individual to write a ~5min khutbah on a random topic they are assigned and to seek advice on how they've approached it. Then each person will have their turn to present! Feedback will be collated for general cohort feedback, but there will also be options to receive individual feedback.Khutbah training at the OTC will be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

So register now: To secure your places, please send your details [Name, Email and MSA (if applicable)] to 0405430494. Jazakallahu Khair