2 years ago

13 April, 2016

Sydney University Muslim Students' Association (SUMSA)

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SUMSA (Sydney Uni Muslim Students' Association)

From the satirical lyrics and the elegance of the famous companion Hassan ibn Thabit (R.A), to the eulogies (and zeal) of al-Khansa (R.A), to the ecstasies of Sadi’s elegies, and the bursts from the poets before the battles of Qadsiyya and Yarmouk, the power of poetry to melt hearts has been inextricably linked to efforts pertaining to revival, empowering the hearts, soothing the minds and uplifting souls out of decadence

To encourage and contribute in part to the revival of literary capacity, rigour and dominance that was once our hallmark, SUMSA is presenting a poetry challenge to get your minds rolling.

Theme: #MyUmmah

Brief: The overriding theme shall rotate around concepts of revival, love and connection, heartfelt pains at the ails of the Ummah, what empowers you to stay resilient and keep on going, reflections upon our history and above all the intense love of our Master Muhammad (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) for His Nation. The range of interpretation of the above is quite loose, so let’s get the pens start scratching upon the paper.

With the above motivations and some serious prizes up for grabs, it is time to make a difference now. The best submissions will be displayed at our massive community event (to be unveiled soon) at Bankstown, as well as making their way into the inaugural edition of SUMSA's very own magazine. The competition is open to each and every one of you. Send in an individual entry, or submit a combined one on behalf of your MSA

So whether you are a budding poet or just wanting to let it all out, Bismillah - Let the words flow for as the great poet and philosopher Muhammad Iqbal wrote - “When truth burns, it becomes poetry”…


- Minimum - 4 verses
- Maximum - Unlimited
- Original


To submit your entry, upload your piece on google drive and then message a shared link of your work to info@sumsa.org.au.

Please include:

- Full Name
- Your Piece
- Contact details
- Educational institution (if applicable)


A range of epic prizes await you!

Winners will be gifted with $100 in cash (we are leaving it to you – spend how you want, you deserve it!), plus a special SUMSA souvenir.
2nd and 3rd placed submissions – we won’t disappoint you either.

The winning entries will be announced at our premiere event (to be unveiled soon!) at the Bryan Brown Theatre Bankstown (make sure you pen down that date in your diaries!)