3 years ago

29 August, 2015

Front Lawn, University of Sydney

Organised by:
Sydney Uni Sikh Society

The Sikhs of the University of Sydney invite you all to our Open-Day stall! Come along to the front lawns for a day of martial arts performances, turban-tying and Punjabi-writing!

Gatka is the traditional martial art of the Sikhs. It is based on the basic principle of unification of the mind, body and spirit in order to become a saint-soldier. Not many people are aware that it is the duty for every Sikh to be trained in self-defence, so that they are able to stand up for - and even give their lives for - others, should the need arise. This is based on the value of selfless service to all fellow human beings. At the time of the finalisation of the religion in the mid-16th Century, the Sikhs were a warrior class, and were made to forever be so!

The turban is part of a Sikh’s uniform, making him/her easily recognisable, so that anyone can approach him/her for help.

The Punjabi language is the mother-tongue of the Sikhs, and in India, is most-commonly written using the beautiful script of ‘Gurmukhi’. Let us teach you how to write your name in Punjabi and keep it as a memory!

Be sure to not miss out on experiencing these ideals in the flesh, in this perfect opportunity to meet new like minded people!