2 years ago

7 October, 2015

Old Geology Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Film Society

Dir. Paul Verhoeven - 1997 - USA

The films of Paul Verhoeven ('Robocop', 'Showgirls') often combine viciously ironic satire with outrageous excess, and 'Starship Troopers' is no exception. Undoubtedly an entertainingly campy spectacle (featuring all the space-bug-related carnage you could hope for), 'Starship Troopers' also showcases Verhoeven's flair for biting cultural critique.

Find us on Wednesday in the Old Geology Lecture Theatre! We'll have pizza from 5pm and the screening will start at 5:15pm. We'll be heading to the Forest Lodge Hotel afterwards for post-film drinks and discussion.

FREE for members: $5 for Access cardholders. Annual membership is $5 for Access cardholders!