3 years ago

15 May, 2015

Sydney University Lawn Tennis Club

Organised by:
SULTC (Sydney University Lawn Tennis Club)

Come one Come all,

Pull up your white socks as we will be kicking of the Annual "You Can't Handle the Shot" pub crawl. The pub crawl will leave from the tennis courts around 6pm (so please feel free to start arriving anytime after 5:30) where we will all migrate to Newton where the crawl begins. The theme for the pub crawl is vintage tennis, so think of sweat bands, high socks, short shorts, mcenroe hair and everything tennis players wished they had never thought were fashionable. During the night we will be updating the Facebook page status so people who can't make it early and those who lose us will be able to find the group.

If you would like to bring friends with you, please do the more the merrier!

In terms of pub locations the bar outline for the night is:
6:20 to 7:20 at Kuleto's for Happy Hour
7:25 to 8:10 Marlborough Hotel
8:20 to 9:10 Newtown Hotel
9:20 to 10:10 Coopers hotel
10:20 to 11:10 Kelly’s on King
11:20 --------? The Bank Hotel