2 years ago

6 April, 2016

Holme Reading Room

Organised by:
Greens on Campus

For those who want to get into some radical readings on the May '68 student revolts, our reading group 'Well Red Greens' (get it?) will be meeting before drinks at 4pm in the Holme Reading Room. The reading group is going very well, and we're really excited to get back into it after the break!

This week we will be reading ‘The March 22 Movement’ from Daneil Cohn-Bendit's firsthand account of the revolution, 'Obselete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative.' The piece is an easy to read and exciting account of how the students got organised and took over their univeristy.

We'll be reading from p. 48 of the pfd to where ever people stop being engrossed. (When I first read it, the end page was the last page of the book. It's really exciting! - T) The link is available here:

If you want to get in touch, or have any more questions about Well Red Greens, please don’t hesitate to contact our co-convenor Tom at greenwellti@gmail.com.