3 years ago

12 August, 2015

Holme Building Sydney University

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Radio Group

Hey SURG-ers welcome back to another semester!


Our two presenters are Chris Taylor (of Chaser fame) and Michael Bradley (Managing Partner of Marque Lawyers).

Chris Taylor needs no introduction, but it's worth recalling the fact that as a Triple J presenter he promised to do a nudie run at Big Day Out if the Media Watch theme song was voted into the Hottest 100 (it did, and he did).

Michael Bradley's most recent high-profile case was the Dallas Buyers Club decision that made national headlines earlier this year. He has also represented Sony and Penelope Cruz. Bradley is almost as famous for his office eccentricities, which include having law students apply for clerkships by making a diorama, and giving all his staff $400 to spend on a pair of shoes.

We will be covering:
- Tech: how to use the MECO studio
- Content: how to make good radio
- Legal: defamation and media law in a community radio context

It is ESSENTIAL that you or your co-host attends training if you intend to have a show this semester. This goes for people who had a show last semester. Pizza and drinks at Courtyard are included in the price!

ACCESS + SURG Member $3
ACCESS non SURG member $5
Non-ACESS $11