3 years ago

9 September, 2015

New Law School Seminar 107

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Are you ready to challenge yourself and make an impact on the world? Create a ripple to affect future generations? Or just develop yourself personally and professionally?

If your answer is 'yiss', then go on an AIESEC education internship! Please come to our information session for more information.

Why would you want to come? Because we'll be covering:
* What in the world is AIESEC?
* Your goals and ambitions for the exchange and for the future, as well as how our program can help you achieve it
* Previous participant experiences (their goals and how they turned challenges into opportunities for development)
* General details about costs and process of application
* How we can help you more specifically, through one-on-one chats with us!

If you are interested, please fill in your details at tiny.cc/GTeducation.

If you cannot make it and would like to know more, please have a chat with us by putting your details in at tiny.cc/globaltalent. Our friendly members will get back to you ASAP!