3 years ago

17 September, 2015

USYD Eastern Avenue Auditorium

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South East Asia is a region we don't think about - and we should.

Commentators speak of the Asian Century, but we don't consider such an important part of the region. ASEAN nations together rank as the seventh largest market in the world. How did they get here? Where are they going next? And how have the people in these countries been affected?

YouthSpeak will be powered by AIESEC in Sydney. Expert panelists have been invited to speak their thoughts on this issue and we invite you to challenge the current standing of South East Asia.

Ms. Emily Jones - Sydney Business School (Lecturer)

Dr. Petr Matous - Civil Engineering (Senior Lecturer)
Prof. Adrian Vickers - South East Asian Studies (Personal Chair)
Dr. Peter Armstrong - Architecture (Senior Lecturer)
Ms. Afifa Ufani - AIESEC Australia (National Director Marketing)

Register your attendance: tiny.cc/youthspeaksyd

4.00 - 4.30 : Refreshments provided
4.30 - 5.30 : Panel discussion, directed by submitted questions
5.30 - 6.00 : Floor open for questions from the audience
6.00 : end of event