2 years ago

1 December, 2015

UTS Building 5 Glasshouse

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Hope everyone is super excited for their AIESEC Exchange adventure!! Congratulations for taking the brave leap in becoming exchange participants as you start to embark on a life-changing experience overseas.

In order to prepare you for this amazing and yet daunting experience AIESEC has organised an outgoing seminar for exchange participants in USYD and UTS

What will happen on the day:
- Various informative sessions on logistics, your rights and responsibilities etc
- Stories from returned exchange participants
- Networking and discussion opportunities amongst all attendees.
- You will also have a chance to voice and address any concerns regarding the exchange process
- Workshops in understanding your role as an Australian representative.

Date: 1/12/2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 10pm - 5pm
Venue: UTS; Room CB06.03.052

Please register in the link below: