2 years ago

16 March, 2016

Hide Map San Churro Harbourside 107/109 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour

Organised by:
Sydney University Chocolate Society‎


Our first birthday san churros event will be next Wednesday! What does this mean? This means ALL CHOCOBEANS get to stuff their faces with FREE, yes we really do mean, FREE, churros to dip into deliciously tempting warm melted milk, white and dark chocolate. This is of course all in the name of celebrating a very special event, all our members' birthday's for this time of the year!

What are churros some of you may ask? WELL, they are the most tantalising naughty doughnut sticks sprinkled with sugary cinnamon mmmmmmmm. This is the perfect way to end your uni day with a sugar hit and a good time with friends - or you're always welcome to chill with us :)

Access/Members: FREEEEEE
Access/Non-members: $1
Non-Access: $5