3 years ago

6 August, 2015


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Unfortunately we are all mere human beings with responsibilities and a knack to get existential after tours to the snow, or by the Mediterranean Sea. And, unfortunately, we must accept that reality has crashed back down to earth faster than a one armed brick-layer in Baghdad. PTD or post trip depression is a serious problem. Common symptoms include nostalgia to the point of tears, serious illness from being run-down and separation anxiety from the people you travelled with. There is however a cure: welcome all to The Clinic - SUBSKI's 3rd Party. The theme, as a way of preventing the harshness of the real world is "Out Of This World", at Kit & Kaboodle, Thursday in Week 2 of Ew(U)ni.

We prescribe killer medications in DJ Bronx & Co all night, $5 drinks, complimentary Captain Morgan's on arrival included in ticket price. Our prescriptions, a.k.a. tickets, cost a measly $5 for Access members, and $10 for non-Access members, so bring your friends! Come and share your weird stories from holidays or brag about how you have such a better start to uni because you've spent the last 4 weeks preparing at home. Regardless, get involved, a fun night will most certainly be had by all. Doors open at 8pm.

DATE: Thursday, 6th August, Week 2
TICKETS: $5 for Access members - $10 for non-Access members
VENUE: Kit & Kaboodle, 33-37 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point NSW 2011
THEME: "Out Of This World"

Subski and USU promotes the responsible drinking of alcohol.

Much love,
El Presidente, Baywatch, Subskorski, Mugsie, Speach and The Tinks.

PS. hardcopy tickets will also be sold in late Week 1/early Week 2

PPS. we have the rooftop, get around it.