1 year ago

18 March, 2017

Sydney University I.T. Society (SUITS)

Organised by:
Information Technologies Society

Jane Street is a proprietary trading firm which is hosting an Electronic Trading Competition. The goal is to build a trading bot that will compete against others and the markets in teams.

Each member in the winning team will receive AU$​​0x3ff.
(Yes, each member receives $1023 !!)

There'll be lots of (free) food and drink available.

Absolutely no knowledge of finance, nor OCaml, required. You can use any language, but we'll provide some helper libraries in a few common ones. The contest is entirely technical in nature and you won't need any visual design skills. Teams of up to three or four will be accepted. You don't have to have a team to sign up — feel free to turn up as a singleton and we'll form teams on the fly.

You will need to bring a laptop (don't forget your power cords!) and must be able to connect to University of Sydney wifi.

Due to space constraints, there is a limit to the amount of people we can accept. Signups will close on Tuesday March 14 and confirmation emails will be sent out on Wednesday March 15.