1 year ago

1 April, 2017

Bankstown Library

Organised by:
Sydney Uni Muslim Students' Association (SUMSA)

Legends | In the footsteps of the great.

They were civilisations grace. Conquerors. Visionaries. Carrier of the Prophet ﷺ’s legacy . The grandeur of this deen. They were scholars and judges. Generals. Rulers by day. Worshippers by night. Women. And Men.

Join us as we embark on our immensely rich and ground-breaking journey through the Islamic Sciences with a full-day opening workshop exploring in depth, the lives and achievements of 20 of the most illustrious figures of Islamic history.

Differing in their individuality, separated by context and eras, they served the deen with distinction, playing a pivotal role in the makings of this great Ummah. Elevate your heart and your mind , as we travel through awe-inspiring accounts of these greatest luminaries who graced this Ummah with their presence

Joining us as our instructor, will be our special guest from the UK, Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah (graduate of Darul ‘Ulum Bury, and the Shaykh ul-Hadith of Darul Ilm Birmingham).

One Day. MSAS across coming together.

More Details about personalities to follow

Date:- Saturday, 1st April
Time:- 9am - 7pm
Venue:- Landsowne Room, Bankstown Library & Knowledge Centre
Tickets/Investment: EARLYBIRD - Students $10, Adults $20
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***Note - Course Notes and Lunch Provided  ***
ALL Welcome | An InterMSA Initiative

Content/Personaities to be covered in the course:-

Imam Bukhari | Imam Muslim | Imam Tirmidhi | Imam Nasai | Abu Dawuud | Ibn Majah | Ibn Hajar | Ibnul Jawzi |

Imam Abu Hanifa | Imam Shafi |Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal | Imam Malik ibn Anas

Umm Zainah fatima bint Abbas | Imam Nawawi

Umm Darda Sughra | Karima bint Ahmed ibn Muhammad ibn Hatim

Umar bin Abdul Aziz | Imam Ghazali | Ibn Taymiyah | Imam Suyuti | Shah Waliullah Dehlawi | Ibn Abidin | Ibnul Qayyim