1 year ago

8 March, 2017

Mech Eng Lawns

Organised by:
Women in Engineering

Hey gals + guys,

A big warm welcome to our new and our returning members!!! We are here to help the rude shock that is Week 1 and here to celebrate all the fab women around us with a yoga sesh and some brekkie rolls (dw, we've got the vegos/vegans and gluten frees covered). Our reigning Yoga Queen, Wensy, will be sharing some wisdom and downward dogs with us all at a (prompt-ish) 8am start and then join us for some brekkie rolls and meet us (again, for those who have forgotten parts of Friday night).

FREE Yoga (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Construct Yo' Own Brekkie Roll with one ingredient for a $1, $1 for each add on (ingredients on offer: bacon, egg, tomato, mushies, avocado + sauces)

We have some yoga mats available so let us know if you would like to borrow one, otherwise byo mat if you have one (and a towel always works too). And do not fret, we have a wet weather alternative.

See ya bright and early! xxx the SUWIE gals

Ps: I actually googled if its "breakie" "brekkie" or "breakkie" so if anyone has a definitive answer please hit us up