1 year ago

10 March, 2017

University of Sydney

Organised by:
Hong Kong Student Association

悉尼大學香港同學會現正招募今年嘅sub-committee members,有興趣想成為我地大家庭一分子或想爲USYD HKSA出分力嘅同學仔而家機會黎喇!我地希望搵到一班可以以團隊形式同我地今屆committees一齊搞好HKSA嘅同學仔。

想報名嘅同學仔可以係三月九號20:59或之前填好以下嘅google form。


1. Treasury Team:協助Treasurer處理HKSA嘅財務支出及費用管理。

2. Secretary Team::協助Secretary處理文書工作及整理會議記錄,亦要負責weekly newletters。

3. Events Team:成為Events Team嘅一分子主要令HKSA嘅events能夠成功舉辦,當中包括events前嘅準備及events當日嘅流程。

4. Sponsorship Team:與Sponsorship Manager一起尋找新嘅贊助商及維繫已有贊助商嘅關係。

5. Marketing Team:與Marketing Manager一同管理HKSA嘅social media accounts。

6. Sports Team:與Sports Manager一同籌備不同種類嘅sports events,包括Joint-Uni Sydney Games.

The University of Sydney Hong Kong Student Association is now looking for sub-committee members for 2017, we are looking for responsible students who can effectively work as a team to help out the daily operations of the association.

For application, please fill out the Google form ON or BEFORE 20:59, 9th March, 2017

We will send an email with the details of the interview after you have submitted the form.

Detail describsion of each teams are as follow:

1. Treasury Team: Help the Treasurer to keep track of finances, allocate and determine how we can spend money on events and merchandise.

2. Secretary Team: The Secretary Team helps the Secretary with paperwork and taking minutes, but also in creating weekly newsletters.

3. Events Team: Be part of the group and work with Events Manager that makes sure events are run smoothly, including pre-event planning as well as on the day event-running.

4. Sponsorship Team: Work with the Sponsorship Manager in seeking new and maintaining current sponsors, including keeping track of the sponsorship requirements of each sponsor.

5. Marketing Team: Work with the Marketing Manager to maintain and improve our social media accounts.

6. Sports Team: Work with the Sports Manager to plan and organise different sports events, including Joint-Uni Sydney Games.