1 year ago

30 March, 2017

University of Sydney

Organised by:
Financial Management Association of Australia

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an integral part of a society at the University of Sydney? Better so, ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of Australia’s largest professionally focused student organisation? Apply now to become a subcommittee member for the Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA)!

The FMAA was established in 1990 to foster business connections and recognise the importance of networking. To this day, that same objective still echoes through the organisation, connecting students with our sponsors through various networking opportunities.

Why the FMAA Subcommittee?
Whether you’re a seasoned FMAA member or simply a student entering your first year of university, becoming a subcommittee member of the FMAA will provide you with endless opportunities and experiences. These range from helping the organisation at our keynote events, to maintaining close contact with executive members. In addition, you will be able to develop your teamwork, communication and organisational skills. Such skills are highly sought after by employers in the corporate world. Having said all of this, please bear in mind that such a role is not simply a walk in the park. With every opportunity comes a lot of responsibility, and as such, this is by no means an easy role.

Recruitment Process
We will be holding a number of coffee meet-ups with applicants throughout the first few weeks of the new semester. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of your character and motivations for joining the FMAA. Finally, we will be holding interviews with applicants in the middle of the semester.

UPDATE: Applications for the 2017 FMAA subcommittee have officially opened! Please apply by filling out this form: https://form.jotform.co/70550834005852
The deadline for applications is 11:59pm on Friday 7 April. Please note that this form is separate from the Mailing List you may have previously filled out, so if you do not submit this new form we unfortunately will not receive your application.

We have enjoyed meeting everyone who has come to postering and our coffee meet ups over the past few weeks! Please remember that although applications have officially opened, postering and coffee meet ups will continue next week, and execs will continue to take attendance of those who are present. Additionally, please note that the FMAA places a strong emphasis on commitment and cohesiveness with the team, both of which are primarily displayed through attendance at postering and interaction with executives. If as an applicant you don't attend postering or coffee meet ups you will unfortunately be at a disadvantage in seeking to gain a place on the subcommittee, and are unlikely to be granted an interview if you have never attended one of these sessions.

The date for recruitment interviews has been tentatively set for the evening of Monday 10 April, so please attempt to keep this free and comment any availabilities you may have in the provided space in the form.

We look forward to seeing you all at the remaining postering and coffee meet up sessions!