1 year ago

21 March, 2017

PNR Drawing Office

Organised by:
Women in Engineering

Hello SUWIE Members...

Ever wanted to be on board the SUWIE team?

Well NOW is your chance. Unfortunatly our Wonderful Secretary, has had to step down due to Work commitments, YOU GO GIRL!. The executive of SUWIE have decided it best for our JVP Hannah Mourney to step up into the secretary role. So we are looking for a Junior Vice-President (JVP).

What is the role of JVP?

Junior Vice President (JVP) is a great place to start your involvement in any club or society. In this position you will assist SUWIE in a range of areas, including planning events and helping other members of the executive. 1st and 2nd year engineering students are encouraged to apply for this position.

For any questions please feel free to ask any of our Wonderful Executive...
Ashleigh Thornton - President
Maddi King - Vice President
Mattie Longfield - Treasurer
Leah Cooke - Secretary to step down
Hannah Mourney - Current JVP to be Secretary
Caroline Hamilton Smith - Marketing Officer