1 year ago

16 March, 2017

Carslaw 275

Organised by:
University of Sydney Union Debating

Oh hey !!

Welcome to the University of Sydney Union’s Wom*n’s training day – an opportunity for non cis-male debaters to get together in a safe, autonomous environment and develop skills so that one day we can all take over the world together :’)

Join us on 16th March (conveniently before Grandslam and Easters trials!!) to mingle and learn from some of our society’s most talented and, more importantly, AMAzE people !!

Whether you’re a world champion, just starting to get the hang of debating or have never debated before – we want YOU !! We’ll be pairing debaters of different abilities together so that newcomers to debating have the chance to learn from some of our most experienced old hats.

After two rounds of practice debates with some extra ~spicy~ topics, we’ll be heading to Two Wolves for some food and drinks at around 8.30pm!! Socialising with debaters – what more could you want !! (ha ha kidding it’ll be fun) !!

All wom*n, trans and non-binary folk are welcome. There is no such thing as ‘too inexperienced’- we want to see everyone there and welcome you with HoT topics, hugs and friendship!~~

Check out the schedule below and sign up here:


5pm: Round 1 topic release
5.30pm: Round 1
6.45pm: Round 2 Topic Release
7.15pm: Round 2
8.30pm: Social!!