1 year ago

18 March, 2017

Eastern Ave Lecture Theatre 315

Organised by:
University of Sydney Union Debating

Were you God’s gift to debating in high school? Or did you peak in Year 6? Or have you never debated before? IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER – JUST COME TO GRANDSLAM!

Come along to have a laugh, practice your witty repartee and learn about the beauty and class of Thai food and cheap alcohol mixed together. Grand Slam is perfect to help you meet all your fellow new debaters!


Debates will be in the classic high school debating format : 3v3 with no points of information or replies (those words will likely hold no meaning so don’t even worry about them yet!). You’ll have 30 minutes of prep to create 6-8 minutes of arguments or anything else you feel like saying. If you’re uncertain on how to win debates or what each speaker’s role is, don’t stress at all! There will be a briefing on Saturday morning to explain everything you need to know!

If you want to register as a team (a.k.a you’ve already blackmailed 2 friends), please make sure you all fill out the registration form individually (otherwise we get really confused) ! But if you prefer, you can register individually, and we’ll put you in a team, which is a super easy way to meet new friends and have a good weekend :)

You can only debate at Grand Slam if you are a novice. All first years will be novices. For everyone else, sadly, if you’ve been to three Easters, Australs or Worlds, you’re not a novice at all and sadly can’t debate :( But you can still adjudicate!! So please come along and do that!!! Particularly people who have heaps of experience to share, come have some free food and alcohol!!

The tournament will be CAed by Isabel Crawford and Natalie Buckett - See below for bios!

Registration for this tournament has now closed.

Registration will be $40 for debaters, and free for adjudicators (yay, join the fun) !! This will cover the cost of your snacks, meals and drinks all weekend. We will be starting an online payment system this year (yay, progress!).
Please transfer to this bank account with these details with the description being first letter of first name, Last name and GS at the end (So for Libby Johnstone it would be - LJohnstoneGS)

Account Name : Society Cheque Acct
BSB : 062-284
Account Number : 1047 0129

If you have not paid by Wednesday 15th, you will incur a $5 penalty, and if you haven’t paid by Saturday night that will rise to $10.
We have fee waivers available based on need. If you need one, please email Tessa (t.pang@usu.edu.au), it will be 100% confidential


Saturday 18th March
9:00 Registration, Briefing and Round 1 Topic Release
12:00 Lunch
12:30 New-to-Debating Welcome
13:00 Round 2 Topic Release
15:30 Round 3 Topic Release
17:30 Championship Dinner

Sunday 19th March
9:30 Briefing and Round 4 Topic Release
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Round 5 Topic Release
14:30 Afternoon Tea & Wom*n’s Welcome
15:00 Semi-Final Topic Release
15:30 Semi-Final
17:00 Grand Final Topic Release
17:30 Grand Final
18:30 Speaker Prize Ceremony and Post-Tournament Social