1 year ago

7 March, 2017

Hermann's Bar

Organised by:
Sydney University Quidditch Society

Our first event of the year! Come and swing by Hermann's for some chill fun times, meeting other members of the society, and talking quidditch, HP, how bad/great your timetable is, and whatever else takes your fancy :)

We know first week of uni is super hectic and full of all kinds of things, so this year we're having two meet and greets, to try and accommodate everyone :) Feel free to come to one or both of them. This one - on Tuesday - is being held at Hermann's bar, a classic local student hang out at Usyd. If you can't make this event, check out our other meet and greet event here - https://www.facebook.com/events/181668315660708/ and keep and eye out on our page for loads more events :)