1 year ago

1 March, 2017

University of Sydney

Organised by:
Biology Society (BioSoc)

Welcome both new and old biologists! The Sydney University Biology Society (BioSoc) will be hosting a stall at O-Week this year. AND WE'RE BRINGING OUR BEAUTIFUL PYTHON, SHEILA! 🐍

What is the Biology Society you may ask? Well, it's the best way to stay connected with your fellow biologists through various events - most involving free food and alcohol (woo!); it's a space to fangirl over everything and anything biology (from botany to population genetics, we've got you covered); a way that you can meet your academics and get involved with volunteering in labs; and finally the best place to ask for help with any of your biology coursework! Swing by to sign up to the society that has an action packed year planned ahead! In the meantime, join the society on facebook to stay updated https://www.facebook.com/groups/usydbiosoc/

Sign-up is only $2 and allows you to enjoy our:
*Warrah BioSoc Camp
*David Docs and Drinks Night
*Fortnightly BBQ’s
*BioSoc Ball
*Trivia Nights
*Academic Meet & Greets

See you there!