1 year ago

2 March, 2017

Hermann's Bar

Organised by:
180 Degrees Consulting

Ever wanted to make a positive social impact, but weren’t sure about how you could make this change or whether you had the right skills to do so? 180 Degrees Consulting is proud to give you a glimpse into how students can use their skills to help social enterprises and other socially minded not-for-profit organisations, in addition to how you can create social impact through management consultancy.

We’ll be answering all your questions - from humanitarianism in the consulting sphere, to our clients’ journeys towards lasting social impact, to what we look for in a 180 Degrees consultant.

We’re hosting a Q&A conversational panel, consisting of a speaker from a past client of ours: Diversional Therapy Australia, alongside several consultants and a 180 Degrees alumnus working at our primary sponsor and leading consulting firm Nous Group.

Want your question answered? Submit yours below and come along to find out the answer.

This event is great for those who have no idea what 180 Degrees does, as well as those who would like to learn more about how consulting can transform lives for the better.

Funded by the University of Sydney Union