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9 December, 2016

Hermann's Bar

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Hermann's Bar

The Tiwi Sistagirls of Bathurst Island (80km north of Darwin) are coming to Sydney for Mardi Gras in March 2017, and they are asking for support with funds to cover flights, accommodation and to put together their float for the night.

The sistagirls have agreed to Students Support Aboriginal Communities (SSAC), a cross-university collective, organising a party celebrating and fundraising for their arrival. We are hoping to pull together at least $2000 to go towards the sistagirls’ trip to Sydney. The Tiwi Sistagirls have named the fundraising party Jilamaruwi, which means Body paint/Face paint in Tiwi.

Donating their time and huge talents for your dancing (and fundraising) pleasure are...

//The real housewife of Sydney
//Hip Hop Hoe
//Koco Carey
//Yung Brujo
//Marlene Cummins
//VJ Icki Sweet - Wiradjuri Video Art pixel painter
//The Dreamtime Divas (travelling from the Macleay Valley of the mid-north coast

- More to come, keep your eyes peeled!

Tickets will be sold on the door: $10 unwaged, $15 General admission, $25 supporter ticket

FREE if you can show us you've already donated ($10 or more) to the gofundme

[-o-] This event will be held on Gadigal land - sovereignty was never ceded [-o-]

You can read more about the Tiwi Sistagirls and their fundraising campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/2nbghcc Don’t forget to donate if you can.

Tiwi Sistagirl Crystal Love explains Jilamaruwi in this interview:. https://vimeo.com/38675198

The organisers will do their upmost to ensure the safety of every person at the party and ask all attendees to do the same. As a condition of entry we expect all attendees to adhere to some simple rules.

- Do not assume anybody's gender or who they are or are not attracted to. Please ask people for their pronouns and don't make assumptions! *This includes performers*

- Don't be racist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist, everyone should feel welcome.

- Don't make assumptions about anyone's cultural identity or where they are/are not 'from'.

- You will be on Gadigal land which was never ceded. Be respectful towards traditional owners and any Elders present. Be at the party for the Welcome to Country if you can.

- Remember enthusiastic and unequivocal consent. This goes for things like touching and hugging.

-Please let security or one of the party's grievance officers (they will be wearing fluoro high vis vests) know if anyone is making you feel unsafe.

The party will take place on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, who have never surrendered their sovereignty. The yimpininni (traditional Tiwi name for sistagirls) had a sacred role in Tiwi families and ceremonies long before the arrival of Christian missionaries and colonisers, who marginalised Aboriginal people of diverse genders and fostered transphobia. These videos share some experiences of sistagirls and brotherboys and their communities:




Thanks to the Gadigal Information Service and collectives of the University of Sydney for supporting SSAC in creating this event.