1 year ago

29 January, 2017

The Cellar Theatre

Organised by:
Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

This week: Sarah Polley’s 2012 film, STORIES WE TELL and a special PRE-SHOW PRESENTATION by Sydney Artist, Gillian Kayrooz!!!

From Gillian: "You want an abstract recipe for some vids involving me and some sexy interplay with food? All whilst I attempt to develop an interplay between identity, culture and consumerism within contemporary society? Yeh thought so... Its grotty, weird and feels like the furry sensation you get when you haven't brushed your teeth for a while. My mum doesn't like my films but yours does, what more can I say."

There’s no way to describe this film without spoiling. It’s a short documentary, about 100 minutes, about parental relationships. There is a significant chance that this will be the festival favourite, and it’s an important palette cleanser after the film about robot cops.

Movie? STORIES WE TELL (2012) dir. Sarrah Polley.
Bit more recent than the last ones. Yes.
What am I supposed to just come without any real introduction to the movie? Trust me.
Tickets? Free.
Food? Chocolates, popcorn: standard cinema fare.
Can I bring my own stuff ;)? Yes ;) ;) It made the inauguration bearable.
Will it be fun? Yes.
Will Peter be talking? I have nothing to say.